Virtue Quest History

Virtue Quest Mentoring was founded in 2011, and organized into a nonprofit 501c3 shortly after, in order to meet the needs of Macon-Hall Elementary School, in Cordova, TN  Our relationship began when we shared a virtue-based curriculum, which is now taught throughout the school.  As our relationship developed, we were given the opportunity to serve in additional areas within the school and assist Macon-Hall families.  We offer, not only the virtue-based curriculum in several schools, but also individual, group and team mentoring during the school year and summer months.


We now serve, Mount Pisgah Middle School, Cordova Middle School, as well. We are thrilled to join public schools in such a unique and meaningful way and are extremely committed to strengthening our community. Virtue Quest has had the privilege to partner with several community organization including the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation, AmeriCorp Vistas and Heartsong Church. We are looking forward to the many new and exciting adventures that the future holds for Virtue Quest.